Photography for ALL.

Lights Gallery Gallery #7

Theme: Drinking Bottles

Date: 12/5/2016

Description: This gallery was created to show the different types of lights (Front, top, side, low, and back).

Do all of these photos fit into this theme?
Yes, all of these photos fit inot the theme because they all contain a drinking bottle.
What principles and elements do you see?
I see contrast in these photos because of the contrast between the rough sides of the wood and the smooth bottle and I also see emphasis because of the focal points of the bottles.
What do you think about the composition? How do your eyes move around the image?
I like how most of the images use the rule of thirds and they also use leading lines in the wood boards and on the bottles themselves. My eyes move around by starting around the top of the bottle and then they move around the bottles as the lines and labes move my eyes around the image.
Which type of illuminating light works the best?
The toplight works the best because the image makes you look at an ordinary milk jug, and just think it looks so great and that this milk jug is important.
Do you like these photos together? Why or why not?
I love these photos together because I feel like the bottles together look so important and that it shows the different "moods" of the bottles.

Front Light

Side Light

Low Light

Top Light

Back Light