Photography for ALL.

Portrait Gallery Gallery #4

Subject: Kevin

Date: 10/21/2016

Description: This gallery was created as an introduction of portrait photography.

Why did you select each final shot?
For candid: I selected this shot because I loved the leading lines of the trees and paths. I also liked the shadows and the bright light in the top right.
For formal: Kevin is smiling, and Kevin “does not smile -Kevin” also I like the use of the rule of thirds and the shadow on the screen.
For anything but face: I selected this shot because I like the amount of emotion the contrast makes the viewer feel.
Where were each of the final photos taken?
For candid portrait: the shot was taken in the cross country woods at my highschool.
For the formal portrait: This photo was taken in the photography studio where I am taking photography class at my high school.
For the anything but face shot: This shot was also taken in the cross country woods.
What would you change and/or what did you learn?
I would change the creativitey aspect of the portraits. The photos don't have any props or anything that makes the portraits different when compared to any other ordinary portrait.
How do you feel about shooting portraits?
I feel a lot better about shooting portraits after doing this project however, I don't like it as much as the still lives because portrait photography does not have as much creativity.
Do you like these photos? Why/Whynot? Which photo is your favorite
I like these photos because I think they show a lot of emotion and each photo tells a story of its own. My favorite photo is the final anything but face portrait because I love the emotion put into it and it looks like the subject has a purpose and is going to fulfill it.

Candid Portraits

Formal Portraits

Anything but face Portraits